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Becoming a member of GFKLug



Individual Membership (18+)
Help out at a club show for at least 2 hrs, participate at a meeting, and fill out an application for membership. (Contact our Membership Chair for the form.) 


Associate Membership (14 through 17)

You must meet all the requirements for Individual Membership and in addition the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the prospective member must attend one meeting, have a discussion with at least 2 club officers, and fill out a medical release form. 


Under 14

You must join with a parent or guardian that is over 18 and is a member. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Current Members

Jamie Lunski

Tricia Halvorson Lunski

Adam Minster

Nicole Minster

James Whitney

Jeremy Billings

Sharon Loiland

Aaron Kennedy

Zachary Nienas

Wes Van Dell

Cassandra Van Dell

Edison Lunski

Talan Lunski

Alex Reichert

Steph Blair

Maia Jackson

Max Reichert

Michelle Rydz

Paul Sum

Brian Lofthus

Phil Manz

Chris Feldmann

Stefanie Feldmann

Paul Hvidston

Kim Billings

Ashley Schuler

Montey Whitney

David Felmann

Wes Vendel

Matt Costello

Jamie Castello

Dusty Howlett

Shelley Knight

Teri Foley

Jess Nolz

Blue Weber

Grand Forks LUG

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